What do I do in case of emergency?
  • Inform the police by calling the district police control room on 100.
  • Call the nearest police station (numbers given in the Police Stations page).
  • Call the officer concerned (numbers given in the Our Officers page).
  • Call any of the numbers listed in the CALL IN EMERGENCY tab on the top of the page.
How do I give information about an offence or an accident?
What should I do in case of an accident?
How can I help a child in distress?
How can I help a woman in distress?
How do I register a complaint?
How do I get acknowledgement for lost documents/mobile phone?
How do I obtain Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?
How is Passport Verification done?
What documents should I carry while driving?
Who is authorized to collect spot fines for traffic violations?
What happens if I refuse to pay spot fine for traffic violation?
How can I volunteer my services to Koppal District Police?

About Koppal

On 1st April 1998, Koppal is steeped in history - evident from its close proximity to Hampi, a World Heritage site which centuries ago was the seat of the formidable Vijayanagara empire. The rich historical and cultural marvels stand cheek to jowl with more modern wonders like the towering Tungabhadra Dam.


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