There is a wide gulf that divides the public and the police in this country. This website is our small effort to bridge this gap - by placing at people’s  fingertips all important information regarding police set-up and functioning in Koppal district.

It is our hope that our effort to reach out will draw an equally enthused response from the people of Koppal. As only when each person feels that he is a  policeman without uniform and each policeman feels that he is a common man in uniform that a true partnership can be forged between the two,  which will  help to hold up the law of the land in the farthest corners and reach justice to those most in need.


Sri. T. Shreedhara
 Superindendent of Police, Koppal

About Koppal

On 1st April 1998, Koppal is steeped in history - evident from its close proximity to Hampi, a World Heritage site which centuries ago was the seat of the formidable Vijayanagara empire. The rich historical and cultural marvels stand cheek to jowl with more modern wonders like the towering Tungabhadra Dam.


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