Rights of Citizen

The rights of citizens have been codified in law, and include the following:
  • Women and children below 15 years of age are entitled to refuse to go to the police station if they are summoned and can insist on being interviewed at their place of residence.
  • In a case of cognizable offence, arrests will normally be made without warrant of arrest.
  • When an arrest is made, the police officer apprehending the person will bear clear identification.
  • Police may use force, if warranted, while making the arrest, however, will protect the dignity of the arrested person. For instance, there will be no public display or parading of the arrested person(s).
  • The police officer making the arrest will prepare a memo of the arrest, which will be got attested by a witness available at the site. Importantly, the arrested person will be granted access to contact his relatives and lawyers.
  • When children and juveniles are required to be taken into custody, police will bestow special care to avoid any force whatever. Further, one or more respectable citizens of the locality will be associated on such occasions to ensure that minimal coercion is employed.
  • The arrested persons will be produced before the jurisdictional magistrate within 24 hours of the arrest. Further, interrogations of the accused will be in consonance with the recognized rights to life, dignity and protection against torture.
  • An arrested person remanded to the police custody by the court has to be examined by a government doctor and a medical certificate obtained. Articles, which are seized from the arrested person, will be produced before the court and the person can reclaim these only under the orders of the court.

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On 1st April 1998, Koppal is steeped in history - evident from its close proximity to Hampi, a World Heritage site which centuries ago was the seat of the formidable Vijayanagara empire. The rich historical and cultural marvels stand cheek to jowl with more modern wonders like the towering Tungabhadra Dam.


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