Duties of Citizen

Koppal District Police seeks the help and cooperation of all citizens in its efforts to make the district crime-free, and socially and communally harmonious to facilitate a peaceful life for all.

  • To this end, it is expected that every citizen should know her/his jurisdictional police station and its telephone numbers. He/she should also inform the nearest police station or dial 100 to report any offences:
    • Against the State or citizens such as an act of terrorism
    • Against the peace and tranquillity of the city
    • Involving murder, grievous injury, kidnapping, etc.
    • Against property, such as dacoity, robbery, theft, house trespass, etc.
    • Any suspicious activities in the neighbourhood which may affect their safety and security
    • Involving corruption, illegal gratification
    • Involving criminal breach of trust by public servants. (It will be the endeavour of the police to ensure the confidentiality of the informers and to afford to them full protection from any harm)
    • Adulteration of food stuff and spurious drugs and medicines
  • In case of an accident, as responsible citizens bystanders must immediately help secure medical aid for the injured and report details of the accused to the police
  • During festivals, mass public programmes and protests, citizens must abide by instructions issued by the police in the interest of maintaining law and order. They must also follow traffic advisories issued at such occasions.
  • Citizens must cooperate in investigations at times of search and seizure, spot and inquest mahazar, etc.
  • Citizens are encouraged to request for verification of antecedents of domestic help before employing unknown persons.
  • Citizens should also enquire about the background of prospective tenants before renting out their property to unknown persons.
  • Citizens should maintain contact with their local beat constable and keep him/her abreast of important developments in the neighbourhood.

About Koppal

On 1st April 1998, Koppal is steeped in history - evident from its close proximity to Hampi, a World Heritage site which centuries ago was the seat of the formidable Vijayanagara empire. The rich historical and cultural marvels stand cheek to jowl with more modern wonders like the towering Tungabhadra Dam.


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