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Though set up as a new administrative district on 1st April 1998, Koppal is steeped in history. It enjoyed a pivotal place in several ancient and medieval kingdoms – from being an important centre of Jainism during the rule of Emperor Ashoka to being home to the first capital (Anegundi) of the Vijayanagara dynasty. The district headquarters lies a mere 38 km from Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage site. During British times, Koppal was an important site of resistance, witnessing the martyrdom of Bheema Rao and Hammige Kenchanagouda during the First War of Indian Independence. Yet it saw the light of freedom only a year later than the rest of nation, being part of the larger Hyderabad-Karnataka region under the rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad, which was liberated on 18th September 1948.

These rich historical associations have bequeathed to Koppal an abundance of cultural marvels, such as the Mahadeva temple in Itagi, a fine example of later Chalukya temple architecture, and the Maadanoor temple in Koppal, housing some exquisite medieval era bronze idols. Koppal town also boasts of an impressive fort that was reinforced by Tippu Sultan with the help of French engineers. Among Koppal’s modern wonders is the Tungabhadra Dam, which towers nearly 50 metres above the magnificent Tundabhadra river. From the point of view of artistic heritage, the small town of Kinnal is home to artisans called chitragaras who carry forward a unique technique dating to the Vijayanagara era of hand-painting with vibrant colours on wooden frames.

Presently, the district is home to a population of nearly 14 lakhs, predominantly rural in nature and mostly engaged in agriculture. As a result, there have been considerable advances in this sector, establishing Koppal as the best seed production centre in the state of  Karnataka.

About Koppal

On 1st April 1998, Koppal is steeped in history - evident from its close proximity to Hampi, a World Heritage site which centuries ago was the seat of the formidable Vijayanagara empire. The rich historical and cultural marvels stand cheek to jowl with more modern wonders like the towering Tungabhadra Dam.


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